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How to Improve Your Brand: 10 Tips for Stronger Resume Branding :

YWR appreciates individuals that understand that many of our young women are not totally prepared for the evolving of the new job market. Many of them are suddenly facing a job search, so they rush right to your resume (if you can find it) to update it. But wait! They may not be ready to tackle their resume yet.

If it's been several years since many of our members revisited their resume, or if you're one of those lucky people who never needed a resume, you may not be aware of how much resumes have changed in the past several years. YWR is in need of an individual that would be able to support our young women in preparing them for the competitive world that there in today.

YWR wants them working on their resume, re-think how to update it, so that they can create a career marketing document that will optimally do its job – land the interviews.

Have you been paying attention to all the talk these days about personal branding? How your brand should be built around what makes you a good fit for your target employers? How resume branding can help them clearly identify and communicate what differentiates you from your job-seeking competitors?

Most importantly, they may not understand that step one in job search is NOT diving right into writing their resume.

Step one in a successful job search is laying out the groundwork with targeting and branding. Once they done that, they have the information about the target audience and themselves that they need to write a compelling resume and to network and interview effectively.

Here are 10 tips to build an interview-generating, brand-reinforcing resume:


1. Targeting

2. Personal Branding and Value Proposition

3. Write down Your Career Success Stories


4. Skip the Objective Statement

5. Real Estate and Strategic Positioning

Suggestions for branding "above the fold":

6. Readability, Formatting and Length

7. Typos and Grammar

8. Overused "Resume-Speak"

9. Passive Verbs

10. Repetitive Job Descriptions


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YWR understands that it takes great individuals who can create other possibilities for young women especially in the Bronx. Our organization bases the workshops upon the surveys we hand out to our young women and their families. Much of the feedback is I need help with my resume or I don't even have a resume but need one.