Teaching foreign languages to Moroccan children and youth

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The aim of this project is to contribute to the education of children with fewer opportunities. They don't have much chance of learning foreign languages either because the classrooms are too crowded to deliver a good education, or because the education level in public schools is low and teachers are not properly prepared to teach the language. Also, if the students want to take private lessons in the summer to reinforce their competences, they would have to pay high fees that the parents cannot afford. The help of volunteers coming from abroad would be indispensable for filling the gap for these children while at the same time volunteers are getting an international experience.

This summer school support project offers children the opportunity to strengthen their English and French language skills in order to increase their chances to attend university after finishing school. At Moroccan universities, courses are taught in French only which automatically bans children from public schools as they don't have sufficient language skills.

The volunteers will help reinforce the language capacities of disadvantaged children and youth in Casablanca. Both Moroccan and international volunteers will take part in the project. The volunteers will teach English or French or both to local children and youth. Some additional free time activities will be organized with the children. The volunteers will work five days a week, four hours a day in the morning.

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