Research Assistant Position in the Stanford Home Sleep Center




Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


450 Serra Mall
Building 420
United States


About Stanford Home Sleep Center

The Stanford Home Sleep Center seeks to support the development of evidence-based treatments for individuals with sleep disorders and a better understanding of sleep in general. Our research team includes experts in the field of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Psychiatry.

Our research group investigates how different kinds of emotion regulation impairments may contribute to the formation of sleep disorders. We collect data through online platforms, behavioral and physiological in-lab assessments, functional magnetic resonance imaging of brain activation, and home-based sleep studies using polysomnography, actigraphy, and ecological momentary assessments. Data collection for this project has been ongoing since June 2017 and will continue throughout the academic year. In addition to this main line of work, our research group conducts basic research on affective processes (coping, mood, emotion, emotion regulation) with a strong interest in quantitative methods.

The position

A volunteer research assistant (RA) position with a time involvement of approximately 15 hours per week is currently available within the Stanford Psychophysiology Laboratory at Stanford University (Main Quad). If selected, you will have the possibility to be involved in the data collection of an experiment studying psychophysiological aspects of emotion. In this context, you will be able to learn about psychological research studies on emotion, emotion regulation, and physiology. The RA position also involves a practical training on physiological data collection. Because of the intensive nature of this training, we ask for a commitment for at least 2 quarters (6 months) for 15 hours per week.


As an RA, you may be involved in the following activities:

·      Scheduling participants for experiments

·      Running experiments and overseeing data collection

·      Organizing and storing data

·      Help analyzing data

·      Help maintaining the lab

·      Provide meaningful contributions to the experiment as well as to weekly team meetings


Stanford undergraduates may work in the lab as volunteers, in exchange for course credit, or federal work study, if eligible. Undergraduates from other universities may work in the lab as volunteers

How to apply

To apply, interested students should send an email to Brittany Marsh at including:

·      A cover letter (stating your research interests, your prior research experience)

·      Your future goals

·      The kinds of experiences you hope to gain by participating in research

·      Your desired starting date

·      Duration of involvement

·      Weekly availability

·      An up-to-date CV/resume


  • Training Provided