Assistant for Talent Management Program



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Simms/Mann Health and Wellness Center
2509 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica
United States


Venice Family Clinic is looking for a Training Assistant / Coordinator to support our Workforce Engagement initiative. Volunteers will report directly to the Talent Manager. Time commitment can be flexible for this role, whether you would like to offer teaching a one-time class or support the program on an on-going basis. A description of some of the needs and potential projects are listed below: 

Pre-Training Assistance:

  • Coordinate Email Notifications - reminders for trainings, notification of new trainings
  • Field general questions about times, dates, and locations for trainings
  • Prepare sign-in sheets
  • Coordinate enrollment
  • Ensure website lists upcoming trainings with notification of how to enroll
  • Provide copies of all the participant guides
  • Order supplies/training materials as needed
  • Secure the locations for trainings
  • Ensure there is facilities help with room setup, audio/visual
  • Coordinate meals/refreshments
  • Assist guest lecturers/trainers to ensure needs are met - (e.g., directions, parking options, training supplies)
  • Edit/proofread training materials that are designed
  • Laminate materials as needed

Assistance During Trainings:

  • Help with sign-ins
  • Field general inquiries during class (e.g., restroom locations)
  • Help with classroom take-down

Post-Training Assistance:

  • Help collect data on the class by
  • typing up flipcharts created during classes
  • sending out post-training evals and collecting/entering results
  • developing and maintaining a training database (The data collected will then be used to improve our training program based on our needs)

How To Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to Your documents should include any applicable skills and specifically listing potential start/end date and availability to volunteer during normal business hours.