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We are a foundation with 18 years of experience in different projects of development and volunteer abroad. We would like to invite you to join our volunteer team in Colombia in Octuber 2018

Then If you want to make a meaningful impact while traveling to this magic country during a short time (2 weeks), please apply now for to volunteer in our project in the Salsa Schools in Cali ( Salsa world capital) . You will be surprised to learn that even a few weeks of your time can be incredibly beneficial to a community in need, while giving you the opportunity to explore a fascinate culture and destination.

Whether you are currently a student, teacher, a working professional or retired and just really want to volunteer in our project in Colombia along Octuber 2018, the Inscriptions trought our page in Givingway will be accepted until 12 August, 2018 (the positions are limited).

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Octuber dates for Volunteering Project in Cali Colombia: 

1 Octuber 2018 - 14 Octuber 2018 (2 weeks)

8 Octuber 2018 - 21 Octuber 2018 (2 weeks)

15 Octuber 2018 - 28 Octuber 2018 (2 weeks)

22 Octuber 2018 - 4 November 2018 (2 weeks)


You don't need any special skills in dance, just a willingness to help: 

-Volunteers can help some of the leading salsa schools in the preparation of costumes or decoration of the floats

-Volunteers can help in English Classes for the children and young dancers

-Volunteers can help in repair the furnitures and salsa schools rooms.

-Volunteers can help in audiovisual and comunication project.

Salsa schools competing in the Cali Carnival have a full year of intense work to prepare the many floats, costumes, music and dances. The salsa schools are born from local favelas (urban slums) and most of the schools take their names from the community they represent. Each school unifies and proudly represents people from that community.

What are you waiting for? Inmerse yourself in our culture and help the new generations in Colombia¡

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

All the best

Sandra of Solidasur


Volunteer Project Manager

Solidasur Colombia



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