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The Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center is located on the campus of Prescott College and has been designed to function as a communal location wherein groups working for positive society social change through community mobilization and organizing may meet, plan, and collaborate in safety and community. Highlights of the organizing efforts put for by the FFCSC have included: “know your rights” trainings, education forums from community members and elected officials, community vigils, and developing a media platform. Every aspect of the Center is student directed and focuses on social justice education and action.

The Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center seeks a partnership with the Prescott Unified School District and the Yavapai-Apache Nation’s to support our Writing for Justice in the 21st Century program created in collaboration with the Social Justice Community Organizing/Global Studies Department at Prescott College. The goals of this project are to identify and combat through introducing culturally based curriculum the reasons Indigenous students do not enroll in college and to increase the number of applications from Indigenous and Xicano students.

**Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, please apply immediately for consideration.**”