Technical assistance for podcast




Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Shaker Heights
United States


We are in the process of creating a podcast and need help with its technical and production aspects.

We are an all volunteer nonprofit organization focused on empowering young women to become problem solvers, change makers and leaders. We do this through investing in their education, providing leadership opportunities and catalyzing changes in social attitudes. 

We launched our flagship initiative - The Go Laadli - Lead Like a Girl Challenge in 2017 where we asked high school girls in India to come up with solutions to problems they thought girls/women faced in their communities. We received amazing submissions and the top contestants were selected to receive scholarships towards college education. Additionally, winners and finalists of this Challenge were given the opportunity to participate in a 'Girl Advisory Board' as a platform to build and demonstrate further their leadership and problem solving skills. 

The Girl Advisory Board is a collection of small steps to further the leadership of our challenge winners. In addition to engaging the girls on our decision making, we do workshops on themes critical to leadership such as empathy, voice and visibility, self-efficacy, creative and critical thinking, and community engagement. 

Our girls are very excited about playing a more active role, and as a team we are looking to create a visible footprint that may inspire more girls to think along the lines of community engagement and leadership. One of the most popular and effective means to be heard today are podcasts. We intend to provide our girls with such a platform where they will have the opportunity to interview women change-makers, leaders and experts from around the world so that besides drawing inspiration and stirring up the change-making spirit within themselves, they will serve as examples for many more young girls who would listen to the podcast.

We are ready with our list of amazing interviewees and almost have our interview questions figured out but need technical and production expertise to bring the project to fruition! Your skills will help us fulfil this need and be a crucial component in making this ambitious project happen.