Promote women's rights and empower women in Morocco

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The volunteers will work in partnership with a local association to promote women’s rights and women empowering through educating the citizens and appreciating women. The association provides training and legal advice for women and holds conferences and manifestations to discuss and advocate for women’s rights. The association fights for women equality and women empowering. Their wish is to strengthen the concept of citizenship and women’s rights in developing societies, especially in North Africa.

The main activities of the association are:

• Offering literacy and foreign language education

• Opening the debate on women’s rights

• Giving media coverage to women

• Raising awareness among the community

• Training the new generation on advocacy strategies

• Producing researches and publications on women’s issues on national and international level

In 2014, the association was granted the status of ECOSOC consultant for its efforts and actions in favor of women’s rights in Morocco. Since then, the association can participate in UN sessions and meetings and discuss its initiatives with the international community.

Since the creation of their Center for Citizenship in 1995, 2160 women have benefited from their training programs. In the center, the association offers 2 different levels of literacy courses in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training, workshops about citizenship and equality (civic, social, political, economic and professional) values and round tables about the Family Code, advocacy strategies, the Constitution, etc. The center also organizes visits of public institutions for the members, and the last Friday of every month, experts, lawyers, militants and coaches are invited to discuss citizenship.

The volunteers will participate in the everyday running of the association and will assist in the organization of leisure activities and workshops. They can request to join any of the different activities and fields of work in the association. Any personal preferences, as well as the needs of the association, will be taken into account. The volunteers will work about 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

Enthusiastic, positive, dynamic, patient and respectful volunteers are needed.

Duration of the project: The volunteer placements are from 2 to 12 months.

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How To Apply

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