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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


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Organization: SAFER Campus

Position: Research Director,  Board of Directors

Organization Description:

SAFER empowers student movements to combat sexual violence on college campuses. We generate knowledge that equips student activists with the evidence and resources they need to combat campus sexual assault. We envision a world where survivors receive support, schools are held accountable, and students hold the power to effect change.

SAFER was started by Columbia University students in 2000 after a successful sexual assault policy reform campaign. After getting requests from around the country to advise on other policy reform campaigns, SAFER’s original student leaders incorporated into a 501(c)(3). Since that time, SAFER has run as a volunteer collective. SAFER is the organization it is because of the generations of student activists who have served on the Board; yet SAFER is bigger than any one activist.

Job Description:

SAFER was one of the first organizations to shed light on the actual policies colleges and universities have in place to address sexual assault on campus. It demonstrated that policies often insufficiently protect survivors of sexual assault and perpetuate a culture of silence. As a thought-leader and expert in quantitative analysis, SAFER’s Research Co-Director is responsible for developing original research on campus sexual assault geared specifically for student activists seeking to reform policy and culture change. One of the primary objectives of SAFER’s Research Co-Director is to identify gaps in research and collect the most recent and relevant data pertaining to campus sexual violence, which can be disseminated to student activists. The Research Co-Director is expected to have familiarity with national and institutional policies on sexual violence and knowledge of appropriate research methodology for collecting potentially sensitive data.


  • Leading and managing implementation of SAFER's priority quantitative research projects;
  • Responding to political and cultural developments by brainstorming and developing relevant research projects in consultation with the Board;
  • Conducting primary data analysis;
  • Leading research report write-ups with Research Co-Director;
  • Developing data collection and validation protocols for local and national samples of colleges and universities;
  • Performing quarterly or biannual landscape assessments to determine what research would be most helpful to student activists and advocacy groups;
  • Conducting literature reviews and background research to support other SAFER events and initiatives;
  • Attend monthly Board of Director meetings, with ability to work independently on priority projects
  • Make a minimum 1-year commitment, preferably longer


  • Working towards a PhD or Masters Degree with demonstrated mastery of quantitative analysis
  • Minimum 2 years experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research;
  • Experience analyzing data using SPSS, Stata or other program
  • Demonstrated understanding of campus sexual assault prevention and research in the field preferred;
  • Excellent writing and communications skills;
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to work independently.



How To Apply

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to Rachel Greenburg ( and Ian Turner (