LEARN ARABIC Winter Break Program in Palestine 2018



Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Ain Sara Street



Winter Break (flexible dates)

Arabic Class Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

La Casa Learning Center provides an intensive language learning environment for motivated foreign language students. Our Arabic instructors are committed and seek to instill in their students an appreciation of the target language and culture. In addition to in-class study, students are expected to do additional homework outside of class in order to acquire and understand the grammar, nuances, and thinking processes behind the language.

All of our language classes emphasize language acquisition in a cultural context and have a strong focus on communication. In addition to in-class instruction led by native speakers with extensive teaching experience, the program also gives students access to tutors who provide additional opportunities for language practice and cultural activities outside of class hours.

We at La Casa believe that the host family component of our programs is the most important aspect of the cross-cultural exchange experience as it allows Palestinian families the rewarding experience of having a new family member from another country, while offering program participants the opportunity to become a member of an Palestinian family and to be immersed in everyday Palestinian culture.


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Please email LaCasaLearningCenter@gmail.com to request more information. Please reference "LEARN ARABIC Winter Break Program in Palestine" in your subject line.