Installing organic gardens and raising environmental awareness in Peru

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Volunteers in this project will help reinforce the activities of the Center for Integral Family Development, a unit of the National Integral Program for Family Wellbeing, where children, adolescents and seniors are assisted. The social work done by this structure, even if little known by the population, is very important for the community. These centers provide specialized services aimed at strengthening families, promotion of respectful and caring family relationships and integral development of its members.

The project aims to work with children and adults, who are a fundamental link of the integral development of our society. We hope to strengthen food security and care of the environment through the installation of organic gardens, which is an efficient and sustainable alternative to protect the environment and generate our own food supplies without using synthetic chemicals to control pests or fertilize the land, as well as avoiding the use of plastic bags used for packaging. Also, through this activity, children are taught the importance of environmental care and how to grow food in urban spaces.

The organic agricultural approach that is used in this project is bio gardening. Its agroecological production does not harm the soil or the environment, on the contrary it assures the long term productivity of the soil, fixing nutrients and absorbing only what is necessary. The control of pests and diseases is assured in a biological way that allows achieving a natural balance in the environment, without producing toxicity or totally eliminating species. Feeding of people is improved with the consumption of fresh and healthy vegetables.

We welcome international volunteers to be part of this program and participate in the installation of bio-gardens and environmental care and awareness activities through the organization of workshops.

The city of Aguaytia has been blessed with productive soils, so in this project the volunteers will install small organic gardens in the center. This activity will involve children, seniors and the volunteers who will be provided with seeds and compost in order to grow all types of vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs. You will install 3 biogardens (3 meters by 10 meters in size). The vegetables that will be planted are tomato, caigua, cabbage, spices, peppers, aromatic and medicinal plants, and fruits like banana, annona, pineapple, zapote, caimito and guaba.

The volunteers will also organize environmental workshops and learning sessions in order to raise awareness among local people. The activities will be carried out with the center staff and the volunteers will be supported in developing dynamic activities for children. These will include theater activities related to the topics of care and respect for the environment. At the end of this project, the talks and the plays will be presented through radio, television and other local media, to raise awareness about environmental protection.

Project dates: July 26 - August 16, 2018

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