Teach Rural Women and Youth Enterpreneurship Skills in Uganda



Times of day

Weekday Mornings

Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Yellow Knife Street
Central Region


Many women and youth in rural areas are struggling with poverty as they don’t have a stable source of income to sustain their families. This is so because they don’t have the education and employable skills required by many formal employers. These are mostly single mothers and youth who started families at a very early stage and thus unable to sustain them.

We are interested in a volunteer/intern who can teach entrepreneurship skills to these groups of people so that they are able to start small businesses and become more independent and self reliant individuals.

Here you will work with community groups of youth and women that engage in smallholder enterprises such crafts making, animal rearing and organic farming. You will work to scale up these enterprises or one of their choice. You will also train young people and youth in developing business ideas and realisation of these business ideas into real and functional businesses in their communities where they can be able to generate income from.

The women and youth need business skills in product marketing, branding, business planning, financial management among others. Your skills and knowledge are mostly needed here to help these people be able to produce high quality products and reach better markets both locally and internationally.

The volunteer can also work with the youth to improve their entrepreneurial skills in their existing small income generating activities such as soap making, candle making and handicraft making.


Train women and/or youth in entrepreneurship skills and management of small businesses.

Teaching young people and women how to grow their business ideas.

Working with the group to design a marketing strategy for the products.

Organising information meeting with the women and/or youth groups.

Sharing best ways to practice the culture of saving among women and youth.

Designing easy to use learning material for women and youth (for use during training)


Product development

Entrepreneurial skills.

Marketing strategies.

Knowledge on product improvement, branding, packaging, etc.

Good communication skills.


Upon Arrival:

- Volunteers are welcome year round

- We will be available to welcome you from the airport. However, you will need to meet your own airport pick up or drop off costs. The project location is a 3 hour drive from Entebbe Airport.

- A Ugandan Tourist Visa for $50 USD is available at the airport upon your arrival at Entebbe. Please provide documentation of your vaccinations, specifically Yellow Fever, as this vacation is MANDATORY for all travelers entering Uganda.

- You will be receiving a cultural orientation about Uganda and villager lifestyles, learn basic Luganda to converse with the locals and basic training about the project you're to work on.

Program fees.

Volunteers pay an affordable fee of $8 USD per day which caters for their accomodation, meals, bottled water and local transport in the project area.


You will be staying with one of our host families in the community where you will be working. Our host families are wisely selected and they also speak English. The distance to the community groups or schools you will be working can be accessed through walking, or by a motorbike.


Volunteers will be provided with three local Uganda meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Fruit and bottled water are also included. We are also able to cater to special dietary restrictions or allergies.

Internet: Internet can be accessed through cafes and restaurants in Masaka town, or purchased with your smartphone through a Uganda SIM Card. Some volunteer tasks require a laptop, so it is encouraged that volunteers bring their own.

Project area.

The villages or communities you will be working with are 12-15 minutes to Masaka Town, an urban center. We encourage you to spend your free time in Masaka to explore, as there are restaurants, small shops, and handicrafts.

Expected Duration.

Volunteers are expected stay for at least one week. But please note that any period longer than two weeks will be more impactful for both the community, and volunteer.

Free Time: There are many places to explore, such as parks, cafes, bars, or social functions. You will also be able to meet other volunteers from different organizations in selected spots in Masaka Town.

We can arrange for you local Safaris/tours to visit Uganda’s National Parks (Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, etc) to see many wild animals such as hyenas, antelopes, hippos, and much more! Lake Mburo National Park is located only 2 hours away from Maska. You can also visit Nabugabo Sand Beach, or take a trip to Lake Victoria. Volunteers are responsible for all expenses incurred from free time activities, as they are of additional cost.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Fee Required




  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Send a simple application showing interest in volunteering with us, your volunteering objectives and length of stay (Word document/PDF) to ciirduganda@gmail.com