Awareness and Security Training Advisor




New York
New York
United States


Hi All,

We're looking for someone to join the team as the Awareness and Security Training Advisor. As we are still in start-up mode this role will start as a volunteer position but once we are revenue positive we'd be open to transitioning the role into a full-time (or part-time) paid position. The Advisor will help us to create a curriculum to be delivered to humanitarian aid workers to help enhance their personal security and awareness when working in potentially dangerous environments.

Ideally we'd like to work with someone who has both a background in security/awareness (formerly military, Police, security, etc) and a passion to put their skills to good use by helping ensure the safety of people who put their bodies and lives on the line to make the world a better place.



How To Apply

Please shoot me an email with your background and why you believe you are a good fit.