Kettle Bell Ringer- Salem



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


New Jersey
United States


Job Title: Kettle Volunteer

Purpose: The Salvation Army’s Annual fundraising event for the Holiday Season

Key Responsibilities: An individual or group would be responsible for raising funds at a specific store through various means like ringing a bell, playing an instrument, singing and greeting customers who come into the store. Through these means, we hope that customers would donate money to the red kettle the volunteer would be responsible for where the funds would go towards the programs and services here in Salem County

Location: The Salvation Army Salem Outpost located at 115 ½ Broadway Salem, NJ 08079

Supervisor: Lt. Dontay and Infinity Gibson

Length of Appointment: Mid November until December 24 th

Time Commitment: We are seeking individuals to volunteer preferably on Friday’s and Saturdays, the weekday will be available as well from Monday-Thursday. The times may vary depending on the location; however, we intend to have these locations available between 10 am - 8 pm

Schedule (days and times needed): Mon-Thurs. 11am-6pm (2 hr. shifts), Fri. 11am-7pm (2 hr. shifts) and Sat. 9am-7pm (2 hr. shifts)

Qualifications & skills needed: Friendly, personable, likes to have fun, hard worker and kind.

Benefits: Lunch will be provided and an occasionally warm beverage if the weather is permitting


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