Volunteer in an orphanage in Saigon, Vietnam

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)




Providing care and recreation activities for orphans and disabled children.

International volunteers will help in an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City where more than 200 children including newborns spend their lives. The children are not only orphaned but also disabled or suffering from diseases. With their golden hearts and nonstop contribution, 17 mothers and monks have been devoting their time and effort to the care of the children. They not only take care of and guide the disabled children through physical rehabilitation activities, but also give lessons including Braille for the blind children, to help them learn to read and write, in order to ease their integration into society. The orphanage has gradually turned into a full house where disabled children, poor orphans or street kids find shelter and care.

The volunteer team will organize activities for the orphans, will support the monks in feeding and taking care of the kids, especially the disabled children. Sometimes the group will help with small construction tasks in the orphanage.

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