Junior Museum Archivists Training Program



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A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


2050 Lawrenceville Highway
Sights & Sounds Museum
United States


Project Description:

The Digital Archives Project for the Sights & Sounds Museum is designed to increase the knowledge and technical STEM skills of participating students. It also provides instructions on:

  • Analyzing primary sources to create genealogical timelines
  • Writing newspaper/blog articles and professional leters
  • Inspecting bibliographies and footnotes for clues, then follow the paper trails back to primary sources to help them find out what really happened and why.
  • Seeking out original work connected to both the time and event: a photograph, diary, letter, artifact, map, business file, or court docket.
  • Learning to distinguish between credible and original sources and second-hand information that could be biased or misleading.
  • Reenacting & Filming: To represent this generations' interpretation of how African-American history impacts them today
  • Sourcing: Who made this source? Where did it come from?
  • Contextualizing: Imagine the setting surrounding this source: How was the world that made this source different than our own?
  • Corroborating: What do other sources say about the information in this document? Do they agree or disagree with what this document says?
  • Close Reading: What does the document say? Is it biased? What is the tone?

Volunteers will be needed to assist the new Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team responsible for creating the digital archives of the Sights & Sounds Museum. Volunteers will guide students as they:

  • Share historical photographs, ephemera, oral histories and other materials with a larger, online audience
  • Preserve primary source materials for posterity by limiting the handling of rare and fragile originals
  • Survey primary source materials in each collection
  • Determine which items would be of interest to patrons
  • Evaluate the intellectual property rights of each item
  • Determine whether each item can be safely scanned or digitized
  • Create original media content to share their thoughts, stories and personal views of their assigned archive projects

Volunteer Shifts:

Volunteers will assist JEMs during their Saturday training sessions weekly from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

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Please submit all inquiries through VolunteerMatch.com for this volunteer opportunity.