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“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” -Shawn Hitchcock

Men-tor: an experienced and trusted adviser. Synonyms: Trainer Adviser Coach Guide Instructor Teacher

Does this sound like you? Our mentors help guide students in creating their lives. In as little as 6 hours a month, you can impact a student, help grow confidence, teach students things they would not learn in school, share new experiences, and gain a new friend.

Twice a month, you and your mentee will meet one-on-one and do activities of your choosing. These can be dinner plans, pursuing hobbies, playing sports, learning new things, volunteering, game night, attending museums and concerts and anything else your imagination can imagine. Your job as mentor, is to be the older, wiser friend, who is there to guide the mentee to take responsibility for their mistakes and help them learn the rights and wrongs of life by talking through all the options of their decisions.

Once a month, we gather as a community for a workshop, where students and mentors engage in discussions surrounding different topics that effect middle school students. These topics include cyber bullying, social media safety, healthy living, drugs and alcohol awareness, dating violence and racism.

Some benefits of mentoring include: healthier lifestyle choices and personal development enhance self-confidence and ability to conduct healthy relationships better attitude towards school and future educational opportunities and goals improved behavior at home and school

We currently offer mentors to students that attend Denny International Middle School in West Seattle. Workshops are in the evening on the 2nd Thursday of every month, with your one-on-one times dependent on your own schedule.


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