Board Member for Future Leaders in Action



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


New York
United States


The Board of Directors has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the organization does the best work possible to achieve its mission and that it serves the interest of its various stakeholders in the achievement of that mission.

Members of the Board will adhere to the fiduciary Duties of Care, Loyalty, and Obedience. In that they will:

  • Stay informed, conscientiously participate in the decisions of the board and use the same degree of care that they would apply to their own personal and business decisions
  • Act in the best interests of the organization, disclosing any potential conflicts of interests
  • Assure that the organization is in compliance with relevant laws and acts in furtherance of its mission

To these ends, the board will:

  • Set organizational policies and establish strategic directions
  • Provide financial oversight
  • Assure there are adequate resources
  • Sustain itself as a cohesive and committed governing board
  • Select, support and partner with the Executive Director

To fulfill these duties board members agree to the following:

Board and Committee participation

  • To attend and prepare for a majority of board meetings and prepare for these meetings by reviewing materials and bringing materials to meetings, informing the board in advance of any meetings that they attend
  • Be an active member of at least one committee or task force and will, if asked, be willing to take a leadership role
  • Be willing to accept individual initiatives and to share their professional expertise

Board Policies

  • Will excuse themselves from discussions and votes where they have a conflict of interest
  • Maintain the confidentiality of board deliberations and publicly support the decisions of the board, including those with which they might have been in disagreement
  • Will support, whenever possible the recommendations of the committees
  • Will encourage, enable, and respect the participation and contributions of fellow board members
  • Will engage in open and respectful discussion and listen to and consider perspectives different from their own
  • Will respect and support the executive director’s authority, communicate ideas about programs or administrative activities to the executive director rather than to line staff, refrain from making special requests of staff, and avoid discussion of personnel matters with staff

Active Participation

  • Will stay informed about what’s going on in the organization and developments in field relevant to Future Leaders in Action
  • Will be encouraged to meet with fellows when the opportunity presents itself
  • Will participate in, and take responsibility for, making decisions on issues, policies, and other matters
  • Participate in the assessment of their fulfillment of these commitments


  • Will interpret Future Leaders in Action’s work and values to the community, represent the organization, and act as a spokesperson.
  • Will interpret constituencies’ needs and values to the organization, speak out for their interests and, on their behalf, hold the organization accountable.

Resource Development

  • Make an annual, personally significant contribution or in-kind donation to the best of one’s ability
  • Reach into diverse communities and help identify and cultivate relationships to support the organization as donors, board members, volunteers, and advocates
  • Actively participate in fundraising activities 



How To Apply

Please email Kirsten Abel, FLIA's Executive Director, with your resume and why you are interested in serving on Future Leaders in Action's Board of Directors.