Construction of a community center in Togo

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Kpélé-Adeta Préfecture


This project aims to build a community center for the administration of development projects in the region. The center will accommodate meetings and development trainings on the topic of national heritage. The center will also allow the development of tourism in the region which abounds with heritage and culture.The volunteers will have different tasks such as cleaning up the site (weeding, uprooting trees, etc.), making cinder blocks, building a wall (masonry), searching for water, sand, wood and planks.

- Cultural activities: learning batik and sculpture, percussion (Djembé drums) and dancing around the fire.

- A day with an African family: a day of immersion in the life of an African family organized around the following: animism, the enthronement of a chief, traditional marriage, a day in the fields.

- Tourist sites to visit: the Dzanipé Falls with their beautiful waterfalls, the Kpioné Falls, the Plateau of Dyani (visit to the Monastery of Dzogbegan and its circular chapel built of wood), Mount Kloto (where it is possible to catch a glimpse of Lake Volta in Ghana on a clear day ), the village of Kuma Konda together with the château Viale, Mount Agou (the highest peak in Togo, 986 m)

Possibilities to discover the North of Togo: the large towns like Atakpamé, Sokodé and Kara, the rock cutting of Alédjo (the road passes through a cutting in an enormous rock), the region of Tamberma, the Naimtougou Falls, and the Nangbéto Dam with the hippopotamuses lake.

Kpékpéta is a village of about 2000 inhabitants. It is located 30 km from the town of Adeta, the main center of the Kpélé-Adeta Préfecture. Adeta is a large city where a post office, a bank, a police station and a medical-social center can be found. Kpékpéta has a primary school, a dispensary and a small market. The main activity of the community is agriculture.

Project dates: October 15 - November 4, 2018

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