Proof reading of writings by Cambodian University students



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Enfants du Mékong is a French non-profit running a University Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which supports 160 students from poor family background. In addition to the University fees and boarding, the centre also provides academic and non-academic activities all year long to help the students becoming responsible, helpful and well-balanced young men and women.


One of the activity aims at improving their fluency in English. Every quarter, students have to write a 150 words assignment on a specific topic, in English. We need proof reading volunteers who would review the blogs of the eldest students. Each proof reader will have to correct minimum 20 assignments (around 2h/week) in November, January, March and June. If you can do more, we will be happy to give you more.

We would need a commitment of one year minimum, as we expect that the volunteer will be able to develop a relationship with these students by helping them to correct their recurring mistakes. It is essential for our students to improve their writing skills in English, because they will work in English after University.


Practically, there will be two steps:

1)     the proof reader will be given access to the blog to make corrections online. Ideally, they will explain the mistake are correct it

2)     the proof reader will mark the paper on a worksheet online. This will help the teachers to evaluate the level of their students and adapt lessons accordingly.

The blog is rolled on 4 times a year in November 2018, January, March and June 2019. We need 7 correctors to start in November.




How To Apply

Please send an email to Eugenie to express your interest in this role. Eugenie wil put you in touch with Sreypov, the English teacher at our University Centre in Phnom Penh.