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Sunday, November 5, is High School Quiz Show’s Super Sunday, and we need you!

Nearly 500 students representing 120+ public and private schools from across Massachusetts will fill WGBH on that day to take a qualifying quiz. The incentive? The top-scoring teams will compete in Season 9 of High School Quiz Show.

We’re looking for 80 volunteers to help moderate and score the quiz, as well as to get teams to their testing rooms. Teams will arrive in 4 staggered shifts throughout the day and each team takes an oral quiz.

Volunteers are asked to make a full-day commitment, from 8am-5pm (lunch will be provided). **Please note, all Super Sunday volunteers will receive training on Sunday, November 5 from 8-9am before schools start to arrive.

Please review the Super Sunday volunteer position descriptions listed below and email me at jaime_reese@wgbh.org if you'd like to help. Please make sure to include the following information in your email response:

- Your full name

- Preferred position

- Prior education and/or test giving experience (for Moderator position)

Moderator (must be 25+ years)

·     Enforces all rules in a fair and judicious manner

·     Reads all questions and determines if the given answer is correct or incorrect

·     Spells difficult or foreign words

·     Keeps informal time count for responses

·     Ensures materials and results remain confidential

·     Position requirements: Moderators must have a clear voice and strong command of the English language. Prior education experience is also a plus.

Scorekeeper (must be 20+ years)

·     Notes correct and incorrect answers on a score sheet while quiz is being administered

·     Ensures score is consistent with the team coach’s score sheet after each section of the quiz is completed

·     Adds up categories to determine the official score of the quiz

·     Secures the signature of the coach on scorecard

·     Position requirements: Scorekeeper must be competent in math, organized and accurate.

Check out Volunteer (must be 25+ years of age)

·     Assist with checking schools out after the quiz is finished

·     Calmly and diplomatically record any disputes about questions or scores, from team coach

·     Ability to stay calm, focused, friendly and keep accurate notes about the nature of the dispute

·     Checkout sheet and advance copy of the quiz content will be provided

·     Position requirements: Check out volunteers must have a clear voice and strong command of the English language. Prior education/test giving experience is also a plus.


·     Greets teams and coaches as they arrive to ‘GBH

·     Checks schools off a printed registration list

·     Answers general questions about the day’s events

·     Distributes gift bags (one per team) as teams depart

·     Position requirement: Registration volunteers must be friendly, organized and outgoing.


·     Keeps guests out of the Yawkey Theater until its time for them to be matched up with Moderators and Scorekeepers

·     Runs the elevator to testing room floors

·     Checks testing rooms and signs on their floors; takes down signs at the end of the day

·     Provides schools with directions to testing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

·     Position requirements: Floaters must be friendly, outgoing and eager to provide assistance to guests. 

How To Apply


If interested in volunteering during the Super Sunday event please email Jaime Reese, Volunteer & Marketing Manager of WGBH about the position.