PERU: volunteering / internship in psycho-emotional support to women with sequels of violence in the central Andes.



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El Tambo-Huancayo


In the decades of the 80-90 Peru suffered a civil war between the violent groups and the state, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of displaced people as well as many people with sequels, mainly emotional and psychological. mainly in the Andes and Peruvian jungle (see report of the "truth commission in Peru")

Our social work is to help overcome these consequences to families and mainly to women and elderly people who suffered in their own flesh the traumas of this situation with emotional and psychological support therapies as a means of overcoming these problems, many women suffered rapes, violence different types or were affected in many ways.

Today these people are mothers who only want to continue with their lives and get ahead with their children and help them overcome these experiences and continue in a quite exclusionist and sexist society.

We are a social project driven by people with extensive experience and training in social issues, anthropology and culture that work directly in the communities and populations of the central Andes of Peru, in areas declared of extreme poverty with vulnerable populations, internal immigrants. mainly people of native origin and Quechua, those most affected by the situation previously narrated and extreme poverty due to the abandonment and marginalization to which they are victims.

Our project also includes a very real and direct way of cultural exchange and knowledge of the Andean world, history, folklore and cosmovicion-Andean mysticism, as well as visits of cultural, ecological and adventure fully experiential to villages, mountains, lagoons and jungle Peru without additional cost.


* people over 20 years old

* patient and optimistic people who are passionate about working with women and children

* people with an adaptable and open mentality that can be integrated into a multicultural team.

* students or graduates of related subjects, as well as people without training but with the passion and strength to promote a project of these characteristics.

* people who like to work in a team and keep the group together


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