Soccer power for social change

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Zanzibar Urban/West Region


This project takes place in Zanzibar, Tanzania & Mabopane-Gauteng, South Africa from September 20 to October 28, 2018.

Soccer is a very special sport since it crosses all the boundaries of language, culture and geography. While almost everyone on this planet knows of, plays or has watched others play soccer, aside from goals scored and long-standing team rivalries, rarely do we hear about the more important value and ability of this and other sports to effect positive social change. This initiative aims to utilize “soccer power and influence” to keep young men and women engaged meaningfully in the community and increase their ability to deal with various challenges affecting them including poverty, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS endemic, etc. Through this project a number of soccer teams will participate in soccer competitions with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship mindset and youth self-reliance. The winning teams will be awarded awards that will be used as seed for establishment of project for self-reliance (e.g. fishing boats, farm equipment, etc.)

Volunteers are expected to participate in the following activities:

• Development of young players' basic skills and techniques. This will include coordinating coaching sessions around topics such as development of ball control, accurate passing, keeping possession, game tactics, and moving into space

• Assist to plan match strategies and take practice games

• Assist in team selection and to be 'on the bench' for weekend or evening matches

• Organize the final competitions and awarding.

• Use sports to increase awareness on various challenges affecting young people such as unemployment

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