Train Campaign website development & SEO improvement



Start Date


End Date


Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


New York
United States


Light redesign and/or reorganization of existing Wordpress/Avada site to focus on the Train Campaign and, which is our only active - and indeed urgent - project. We need to be able to feature news and reports and videos and lots of opportunities for engagement.


You’ll know site architecture and understand the importance of the user experience, and have a solid grasp of HTML, CCS, Wordpress, SEO plugins, and image editing. We use Avada and Canva, and Mailchimp for marketing. Improving site speed and security are also important. A big plus would be familiarity with running an online petition campaign, something we have done very successfully before and need to start again.


If you love trains and care about sustainability, this is the project for you! We are working to bring back passenger rail to a rural region of the northeast, and developing the project as a model for other regions that also want to bring back the trains. It’s a challenge but there’s also much momentum, and our website is key. We had a great pro bono consultant set it up, but he left before we could work out all the kinks and really put it into active use. You’ll be the one to get it moving so we can get the Train Campaign back on track.



How To Apply

Please send a CV, details on your current outlook and what you would bring to this pro bono position, and tell us what you hope to get out of it, too! Tell us about your skills, experience, and about a train ride you remember.