Elephant care program in Nepal

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Chitwan National Park, Sauraha
Western Development Region


The volunteers in this project will be working with elephants at Chitwan National Park in Nepal. In the early morning and late evening, the volunteers would assist in the direct care of the elephants. In the hours between they may be asked to assist with numerous other tasks involving the care and maintenance of the elephants. Elephants eat around 250 kilograms of food each day and drink about 200 liters of water. An elephant has to eat most of the day because of its poor digestive system. Elephants also need to provide moisture to their hard, rough exterior at least once a day and therefore they are taken for a bath daily. This is truly an enjoyable time for all, as elephants love water and swimming. The duties of an animal sanctuary assistant volunteer at Chitwan may involve assisting the "Mautes" (elephant drivers) in the care for baby elephants, helping to bathe the elephants, as well as feed them (grass is the main food of elephants and they also eat leaves, twigs, bamboo, bark, roots, fruit, seeds and flowers). Volunteers may also be asked to assist with duties at the bee hives. Volunteers don't need any specialized training for this placement but should have educated themselves about the care and conditions prevalent in elephants prior to arriving in Nepal.Chitwan National Park is an exciting and diverse wildlife haven. Chitwan National Park is located 175 km south-west of Kathmandu. It provides excellent opportunities to view rare species such as the sloth bear, bison, leopard and the elusive tiger. The common species such as deer, rhinoceros and wild boar are in abundance. A serene float down Rapti river in dugout canoe offer the chance to view many of the more than 450 species of exotic birds including Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican and Paradise flycatcher. The area is covered with lots of tourist hotel and Tharu lodges, Tourist information centre, restaurant etc. This is a small tourist spot.

Duration of the project: 1-5 months. The program starts on the first Friday of every month.

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