Start Date


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Washington DC and surrounding area
United States


Do you have a passion for defending and strengthening democracy?

The Center for Free, Fair, and Accountable Democracy (CFFAD) is a new, small 501c3 non-profit in formation. We help educate citizens about the benefits of representative democracy, the foundations of trust in representative democracy, and the role of citizens in defending their democracies. We intend that our efforts, along with those of many others, will help contribute to a reversal of emerging anti-establishment and anti-democratic trends, so that our policy makers can devote more time to constructively solving the pressing problems in front of us.

We are seeking an unpaid volunteer director of finance and administration (treasurer) who can play the central role in managing CFFAD’s financial and administrative needs. 

Our initial budget is likely to be well under US$1 million in size.

The director of finance and administration will define the processes and implement the systems needed to establish CFFAD and support its future growth. She or he will build and manage simple but accurate and effective administrative/financial systems, including financial, accounting, and donor transactions.

As a member of the senior management team, the director will be involved in strategic planning, and evaluation, as well as facilitating the start-up, stabilization, and eventual expansion of CFFAD capacity and activities.


Directors are elected for a one-year term at the annual general meeting of the members. Directors are, however, encouraged to stand for reelection as often as they wish.


  • Define the processes and implement the systems needed to establish CFFAD and support its future growth. Build and manage simple but accurate and effective administrative/financial systems, including financial, accounting, and donor contributions.
  • Help devise rules and procedures to be used by Directors and other volunteers in order to ensure good corporate governance, including an efficient hand-over of duties, if needed.
  • Keep a calendar of important dates.
  • Review and approve preparation and finalization of monthly and annual financial reporting materials and metrics for the board of directors.
  • Oversee budget planning and implementation, financial forecasting, and cash flow for administration.
  • Record all donations in a database and be responsible for ensuring each donor receives confirmation of receipt and any applicable tax-exempt status.
  • Prepare all reports and forms required by the IRS and state authorities well in advance of legal filing deadlines.
  • If needed, help recruit and manage volunteers for financial and administrative roles. 
  • Coordinate all audit activities.
  • Serve as a business partner to the President on the organization’s financial, budgeting, administrative, and donor processes.
  • Chair any finance committees that may eventually be raised.
  • Although not required, directors are encouraged to support CFFAD financially by assisting in the identification and solicitation of potential donors, wherever possible.


The director of finance and administration (treasurer) will have at least three years of professional experience, including managing the finance and administration of a non-profit organization. She or he will have experience creating and driving the analytic framework for planning and facilitating organizational capacity and growth.

The director of finance and administration will have the following experience and attributes:

  • Willingness and ability to prioritize the mission of CFFAD
  • Personal qualities of integrity and credibility
  • Prior experience serving as a non-profit treasurer or associated financial management and accounting roles in the nonprofit sector
  • At least a bachelor’s degree (MA/MBA preferred) in Business, Management, or Finance
  • Experience should include legal, audit, compliance, budget, and resource development
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, proposing new ways of creating efficiencies or capacities
  • Flexible and a self-starter; able to multi-task while also being highly detail-oriented.
  • Excellent people skills, with experience collaborating with a diverse, multidisciplinary team of volunteers
  • Familiarity with accounting and tax software for non-profit functions such as Aplos, Quickbooks, Sage, or Zoho. Familiarity with donor-tracking software such as Kindful would be an added bonus.

Requirements & Commitment

  • Non-negotiable commitment to non-partisan behavior while assisting or representing CFFAD
  • Live in the greater Washington, DC area.
  • Willingness to volunteer 5-15 hours per week – for at least a full year.
  • Initial orientation or training.


  • Training Provided

How To Apply

Please apply at Please include the title of the position you are interested in volunteering for, why you are interested, what you hope to contribute, how many hours you can work per week and when, what you hope to learn while at CFFAD, and references from your three most recent volunteer or employee positions. Please also include a resume or CV. Students and recent graduates should please include a PDF of their cumulative GPA. You are most welcome to reference any previous Board work you are especially proud of.