Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival - Volunteer



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Dows Lake
Queen Elizabeth Drive
K1S 5K7


Each year it takes hundreds of volunteers in various positions to make the festival a success. Please use the below list of those areas and their descriptions to help you choose the volunteer area that is best for you.

Site Operations - Volunteers help implement the logistics of the site. The event requires a large amount of effort to arrange, set up and deliver equipment before we open. Tasks could be physically demanding and may require

Team Staging - One of the busiest and most important areas on site. These volunteers will be interacting with all of our teams. Assisting the participants, keeping things moving, and cheering on the teams will help ensure that the races are on time, and everyone is having a great experience

An alternate - A position that is essential to the Festival. They are there to cover any shortages in other areas or to catch anything that might have been missed. They require a great deal of flexibility and understanding as duties are always changing. The Volunteer Coordinator will direct alternates to areas of need.

Crowd Management - A position that is essential to the Festival. They are there to ensure the weight of the crowd is balanced, that the public is safely away from the paths of the boats and that all fencing remains functional.

Photographers - Exercise your photography skills to provide the festival with high quality photos of all activities over the weekend. This is an opportunity to get your work out there and increase exposure of your business and/or hobby!


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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Fill out our online form here! You can also check out our volunteer positions on our website at