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Old sinamangal
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English language ability is a vital component to a good education in Nepal. Volunteer to teach English in a school and you will give your pupils a huge head start in life

Many of our volunteers come to Nepal to teach English. The schools throughout Nepal are in desperate need of extra help with their English language classes. As English increasingly becoming the language of business and opportunity, fluency creates many more opportunities for children when they leave school at 16. These schools need native or nearly fluent English speakers to encourage and support English language learning. Volunteers that participate in this placement may also get involved in extra lessons for struggling children or lead recreational activities in schools.

What work does an English teacher volunteer do?

Depending on your experience you may run English language classes on your own or act as a teacher’s assistant. Either way, we encourage you to think of creative ways to teach the children and to bring in new teaching resources where appropriate. The age of the children varies from 4 to 16 years old and you can decide which age group you would like to teach. Volunteer’s spend up to 6 hours a day at the school. On arrival you will have a meeting with the principal to discuss your ideas, aspirations and experience. At all times we ensure the volunteer is comfortable with their level of commitment and involvement. Don’t worry, you won’t be thrown into a classroom of 60 children on your first day… unless you want to. Anything the children learn in your class will benefit them significantly in years to come.

Do I need any qualifications or skills to do this work?

You do not need any qualifications for this placement, but you do need to have a good command of the English language. It helps if you have had experience of working with children in the past, but if you have not then being a confident and enthusiastic person is important. There will be basic support materials to use but these are always in short supply, and so anything you can provide to help will always be appreciated. In the past volunteers have brought photos, videos and items from home to share.


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