Carpenter / Builder Opportunity




Estrada Ernesto Souza Cardinot s/n
Nova Friburgo


we're looking for a Carpenter / Builder to form a lasting partnership. The Carpenter / Builder will have opportunity to learn all bio-construction (natural building) techniques. Showing good work, leadership and confidence the person will turn into Bioconstruction project leader building quality houses in Brazil and earning a proper salary. There's going to be a learning period where you work as a volunteer to learn all the bioconstruction skills and where we offer room and Board. We see this as an investment from both sides. We invest time and energy to teach this person everything about natural building. The person shares his/her skills in carpentry / Building. Once we start doing contracted building work you start earning at least 4000 reais (including accommodation and food) and this sum can increase each project.

Responsibilities and qualifications:

1) Be able to read the plans of the architect 

2) Know how to do roof sturcture calculations

3) Build roof and floor structures 

4) Place windows and doors. 

5) teach people


1) Learn about bioconstruction / natural building

2) accommodation 

3) food

4) work in a motivated international team

5) Learn Portuguese/ English language

6) After intial period and being approved as project leader start to earn 4000 reais and increase compensation each project. Accommodation and food is covered.

If you qualify for the job please contact us:


  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers