Family Case Manager (Paid Position)



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Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


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The Family Case Manager will be responsible for providing case management services for 50 newly arrived refugee adults and youth within the program year. Reporting to CRB’s Executive Director, the Family Case Manager will design customized Case Management Plans for each newly arrived adult and youth in their caseload. The Plans will vary depending on the needs of youth and families, however, may include referrals to: adult and parent educational workshops, after-school academic support programs and enrichment activities, and other community resources, such as mental health support or employment services, as needed. The Plan will also include direct case management in which the Family Case Manager will: help students and parents enroll in educational programs; attend education related appointments (such as meetings with counselors to discuss grades or accompanying parents to parent teacher conferences); and mentor/advise students and parents to customize their Plan to meet their short-term and long-term goals. To effectively design the Plan and make informed referrals, the Family Case Manager will be expected to complete trainings for understanding PRIME grant compliance. In close collaboration with Jewish Family Services PRIME team and CRB Youth Program Manager, the Family Case Manager will leverage community resources by connecting youth and adults with needed services. Finally, the Family Case Manager will be responsible for tracking client progress and making adjustments to the Plan accordingly, as clients complete tasks and attain goals.


Case Management: General –

·        Administer in-home intake assessments to gauge client needs and barriers to self-sufficiency

·        Design Plan materials for clients, including families (single adults, parents and children (Immigration assistance only)) and youth (16 years and above).

·        Provide comprehensive support and referrals to ensure clients are progressing toward goals outlined in the Plan.

·        Log timely and thorough case notes to detail interactions with clients and all correspondence related to clients, as well as tracking client progress.

·        Conduct minimum bi-weekly check-ins with clients (or more often, if needed).

·        Complete monthly and quarterly reporting to share progress of clients with CRB and JFS staff.

·        Maintain secure and complete client files.

·        Compile researched data and resources into materials for distribution and client access

·        Regularly update,  contribute to, and further develop directory of resources

·        Create efficient, sustainable, need-specific systems and processes to increase profitability of services and accelerate client progress

·        Attend community and school district meetings to promote CRB programs and create awareness about client issues

Case Management: Families –

·        Research local community-based organizations, resources and sites for potential partnerships.

·        Attend educational related meetings, such as parent teacher conferences and enrollment appointments.

·        Regularly track clients’ attendance, participation and academic performance in educational programs.

·        Offer holistic case management support and referrals to support clients’ progress toward self-sufficiency and address needs related to education, housing, employment, health, and cultural integration.

Case Management: Youth (16 and above) –

·        Research local community colleges, academic programs, resources and sites for potential partnerships.

·        Attend educational related appointments, such as meetings with academic advisors, teachers and counselors.

·        Regularly track youth client’s school attendance, after-school participation and academic performance, and follow-up with client and parents as needed.

·        Act as a guide and advocate for youth clients as they navigate educational systems, and foster skills for self-advocacy.

·        Work in close collaboration with CRB’s Youth Program Manager to ensure youth programming is aligned with the academic needs of youth clients.



Education –

·        Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or Education, or a related field experience.

Experience –

·        One year case management or relevant work experience.

·        Prior experience working with newly arrived refugees or immigrants.

Knowledge, skills, and dispositions –

·        Knowledge of local refugee and immigrant populations, the resources available to them, and the state and federal policies that impact them.

·        Comfort and interest in working with refugee youth from a variety of backgrounds, including those with limited English literacy skills.

·        Bilingual proficiency in Burmese, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, or Somali languages strongly preferred.

·        Ability to independently search for resources and build relationships in the community.

·        Proven ability to work in crisis situations.

·        Familiarity with the school system and higher education pathways.

·        Strong verbal and written communication skills.

·        Exceptional organizational skills and the ability to multi-task.

·        Strong attention to detail.

·        Demonstrated ability to collaborate on a team.

·        Must be responsible, accountable, emotionally intelligent, dependable, and perceptive.

·        Enthusiastic about education.

·        Friendly and outgoing personality.

Benefits: ▪ Gain valuable training and case management experience. ▪ Help newly arrived refugee families gain access to educational opportunities and acquire the skills necessary for self-sufficiency. ▪ Establish supportive relationships with newly arrived community members. 

How To Apply

To apply for this position, please send resume and statement of interest to