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Travel to Australia and spend some time participating in various conservation projects located all over the country. There are a huge variety of projects on offer; you could be helping to conserve endangered wildlife, planting trees or surveying flora and fauna.  Each of the projects gives you the opportunity to gain hands on conservation experience whilst contributing to protecting and restoring Australia’s unique environmental heritage.

Australia hosts an abundance of exciting flora and fauna, however many of these species have become threatened or endangered. During your trip you will assist with land and wildlife conservation programs which aim to restore these important ecosystems in order to protect wildlife. After having explored and worked in the region, you'll come away satisfied that you have done your bit to help protect the region’s impressive landscape and wildlife.


The project works alongside local communities to assist on land conservation and environment rehabilitation programs that have been set up across the region. The aim of these programs is to help restore damaged ecosystems in order to help support Australia's unique plants and animals. Volunteers will work in some of the region’s most beautiful national parks, surrounded by Eucalyptus forest and an abundance of wildlife. These precious natural ecosystems act as refuges for a number of Australia’s most threatened and endangered species. The land is also of significant cultural importance to the local Aboriginal people. These ecosystems are under threat from introduced pest species such as feral animals and weeds, habitat destruction and fragmentation, unsustainable development, drought and pollution from incorrect waste disposal. This all has a devastating effect on the fragile ecosystems that support Australia’s unique flora and fauna

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Projects are located in Adelaide, Bendigo, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Geelong, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Townsville. You will need to decide which location you would prefer to volunteer at and then let us know so that we can check availability.

As a conservation volunteer you will be working to reverse and mitigate some negative impacts on the environment, and help to restore ecosystems. You will do this through re-vegetation efforts and tree planting, weed and pest removal activities, cleaning bush areas and waterways, building protective fencing and other infrastructure and maintaining wildlife corridors to ensure the safe passage of species between healthy ecosystems, away from the dangers of roads and motorways.

It is hard to know exactly which project you could be working on as projects vary greatly depending on the season, conservation priorities and the needs of local communities. As with all volunteering opportunities, a degree of flexibility and adaptability is required. You may also be transferred to another city, town or rural area for the duration of your project. Rarely will you be based in the capital city of your choice for the duration of your project.

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