Construction and Renovation Volunteer



Time Commitment

A few hours per month




This program is tailored for motivated individuals who are eager to work hard and don't mind having dirt on their hands.

The results of the Construction and Renovation program are immediate as the improvement of local infrastructures impacts directly local communities.

Whether you will be renovating community classrooms, orphenages, childcare centers, recreational facilities or the house of underpriviledged families, you will see the concrete progression of your everyday work as a crucial support for the community.

Following the guidance of local builders, you can protect children and ederly people from the exposure to the elements. Some houses are inhabited by more than 10 family members, without bathroom or kitchen or leaving area. Your construction of a small, safe, and comfortable brick house then becomes vital.

As a volunteer, you will: -mix cement -lay bricks down -dig foundations -plaster and paint -do the gardening and fencing -do the carpentry and roofing -clean tools

And more, depending on the phases of construction work

As a non-profit organisation, Iko Poran runs its own projects.

The Construction and Renovation program therefore guarantees: -Authentic local roots through its partners on the field. -An eye-opening experience on the issues proper to poor communities. -The development of essential human skills such as initiative, creativity and adaptation -The most affordable registration fee in the world. Iko Poran is the direct link between volunteers and local organisations, which means fees are not weightened by intermediaries, and the money goes right where it is needed. Iko Poran is not a travel agency: it is dedicated to the realization of meaningful and inspiring projects.

Along with this rewarding adventure, you would also have enough free time to enjoy your programme destination, while being entirely safe. In its 13-year experience, Iko Poran was able to guarantee the security of all its volunteers via a 24-hour support and safety tips from local coordinators.

You will be either be hosted by a warm welcoming family, or enjoy the liveliness of young hostels daily life.

No requirements for this program, though any construction skills would be appreciated. Also, volunteers should be in a good physical condition.

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