Vietnam Pangolin Rescue

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After emerging from years of conflict and war, Vietnam has now become a permanent fixture on many a wanderer's bucket list and attracts millions of visitors annually. It is a diverse country, both geographically and demographically. From the chilly and lush jungle-clad mountain peaks of the north and the unique, traditional tribes that occupy them to the vast marshes and waterways of the mighty Mekong delta in the south - there is much to experience throughout Vietnam.

Traditionally the economy in Vietnam has been rooted in agriculture and rice production, and though this is still a very important part of the economy, Vietnam has transformed itself into one of the fastest growing and most diverse economies in Southeast Asia with the expansion of manufacturing and tourism. Sadly, the rapid development has also seen an increased demand for rare animal products, fueling an alarming rise the in illegal trade of protected species, both in Vietnam and the region in general.

Pangolins were once found widely throughout Asia, from southern China and Myanmar through lowland Laos, Thailand, central and southern Vietnam, Cambodia, Peninsular Malaysia and much of Indonesia. Currently, there is virtually no information available on population levels of the Asian Pangolin and no comprehensive population estimates, principally because of its increasing rarity. For many years now, pangolins have been exploited across Asia, hunted for their meat, skins and scales, which are used in traditional medicines. This has led to the dramatic decrease in populations across the region and to pangolins being labeled the world's most trafficked mammal.

While the Vietnamese government has made attempts to address this problem with laws protecting the species and restricting their export and trade, the lack of an appropriate solution for confiscated pangolins continues to be a major problem for enforcement agencies in Vietnam. This wildlife rescue centre provides an excellent facility for the care of traumatised and injured pangolins and other wildlife rescued from the black market and provides them with their best chance of rehabilitation into the wild wherever possible.

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