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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Dar es Salaam


Cultural Exposure project will be hosted in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, a community which still maintains its natural beauty. The project is aiming to expose volunteers and local community to people from different cultural, religious, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds and in so doing provide the opportunity for all to develop a greater understanding of diversity. For over years now the project allows volunteers to interact with and learn from people who are different from themselves and to participate in new and unique experiences beyond their own communities. Cultural exchange assists everybody involved to develop positive relationships with others, understand a broader range of perspectives, and develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our multicultural society.

Volunteers will be involved in number of activities leading to Cultural exposure like Kiswahili Language, cooking classes, home stay, arts and craft. Other activities will include meeting senior citizens for story sharing about the past and visiting cultural sites including ritual sites. On arrival the volunteer will receive a calendar of activities indicating activities of each particular day

Educational activities: We will participate in a number of workshops and debates to involve local youth and senior citizens around cultural issues. Impact of colonialism and globalization in local culture and economic development might lead some of the debates and discussions. Please, bring some information from your local community for sharing.

Volunteer profile: No special or particular expertise/skills required. Volunteers should be open-minded and independent, interested in culture, traveling/hiking, asking questions and sharing views. The project is perfect for people who want to learn new languages and culture.

Language: English

Duration of the project: Volunteers can be accepted for a minimum time of 4 weeks and a maximum of 3 months. The project starts on the first Thursday of the month and ends on Saturday of the last week.

Orientation: On arrival, all volunteers will attend an orientation session in Dar es Salaam. The aim of this session is to help the volunteers build a team and also to share with them some practical information about the country, the host community and their volunteer project.

Location: Vigoa, Temeke.

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