Environmental education through Eco-Club activities in schools in India

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This project has been set up with the primary aim to educate the local community, youth and children about environmental issues and good practices. In this project, volunteers’ main task would be to develop and support an environmental education program about ecology and nature conservation. By doing so, you will educate the local community on the economic and social benefits of environmental protection and conservation of nature and natural resources. You will have to visit schools, colleges, and youth groups and organise environmental education workshops and disseminate information to various stakeholders on environmental protection.Eco-clubs are a government initiative which was introduced 5 years ago in all Government schools in India. As part of this initiative, Eco-clubs were formed in schools with the aim to introduce environmental concerns and good practices to the school children and to make them actively involved and aware of the necessity to protect nature. However, most government schools lack personnel and financial means to run the Eco-clubs effectively and efficiently. As a result, Eco-clubs have been formed in most schools but ceased to function.

As a volunteer, your task will be to design and run Eco-club sessions in the schools with the help of other volunteers, a field assistant and teachers. Being creative, innovative and loving towards children is important. You will also get the chance to work with the local community in order to organize some outdoor events for the children.

There is an ample opportunity to work with the local community where our volunteers try and create model streets. The local community is introduced to solid waste management, building of compost pits and separation of bio-degradable material. There is a lot of scope for interested volunteers who have prior experience to bring in their ideas and implement them in the project.

Duration of the project: The project is run all year round. Minimum duration is 2 months. The project starts on the first Monday of every month.

Arrival and orientation: Volunteers arrive in Kundapur or Bangalore by the first Monday of each month. Bangalore has an international airport and Kundapur is well connected to Bangalore by train and bus.

More info and enrollment: http://cadip.org/volunteering-in-india

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