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Physical therapy and massage internships give students the opportunity to learn about the science of kinesiology in a real healthcare setting. Whether or not you are working towards a major in sports medicine or physical therapy, an internship in physical therapy can be a great experience. There are several skills you can expect to develop during your physical therapy internship in Colombia.


Skill Description

  • Active Learning

Show initiative in learning career skills by observing treatments, shadowing PTs, asking questions about purpose and outcome treatments. Also learn the “FLOW” of an outpatient PT clinic and work to maintain that flow.

  • Patient Communications

Become comfortable interacting with patients by greeting them, conducting warm ups, and assist with instruction and education. Colombian patients are very warm and usually always love interacting openly with interns giving the interns constant opportunity to not only practice their Spanish, but to also quickly become culturally aware and comfortable.

  • Equipment Operation

Proper use of equipment and help to maintain and clean equipment. Under supervision of mentor, intern will supervise patients while using the machinery.

Office Skills

– Pulling charts for upcoming patients.

– Assisting in preparing Home Exercise Programs for patients.

– Scheduling patient appointments.

– Making and organizing patient files.

– Filing insurance and patient paperwork.

  • Research & Application

Identify exercise programs for patients.

  • Vocabulary

Become familiar with the vocabulary used in the clinical setting.


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