Junior Board of Directors Member



Start Date


End Date


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


New York
New York
United States


Junior Board Member volunteers make a personal and professional commitment to fundraising by supporting the Board of Directors, a group of compassionate and motivated individuals who have dedicated their time to support our non profit organization. Junior Board Members brainstorm, select, organize and participate in fundraising activities. It’s an opportunity to not only help support women with breast cancer but also to network with accomplished and experienced people.


The Ideal Junior Board Candidate:

-A track record of leadership, is passionate about the success and mission of You Can Thrive!.

-Desire to bring creativity, energy, knowledge and skills to the Board.

-Professional behavior demonstrated in in the ability to keep commitments and complete projects

-An understanding of the importance of communication


-A student who is currently enrolled or a recent college graduate

-All students are welcome to apply however any Fraternity or Sorority members who would like to join as a group would be ideal. We believe students who join as a group will be able to work as a team and support one other but this is not a requirement

-Submit most recent transcripts and a resume


How Junior Board Members make an impact:

-Provide perspective and input to the Chief Visionary Officer, Resources Coordinator and Board of Directors

-Participate in donor development through various strategies and engage members of the community in supporting the organizations work

-Contribute to society in a positive way by helping facilitate our goal in providing free/ low cost integrative services to women diagnosed with cancer




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