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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


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Experience traditional Thai life and culture while volunteering in the rural NE Thailand. You will help alongside Thai- English teachers at a local community school. Learn about rural Thai life while living sharing your days with students and teachers and your downtime with your home host family. You will have a truly unique experience from anyone you know, and it is nothing short of spectacular.

General Description of the Isaan Area

Isaan is famous across Thailand for its warm and welcoming people, multiple forest temples, and diverse, beautiful landscape. There are large tracts of natural preserves that are home to elephants, tigers, monkeys and numerous indigenous and migratory birds. There are about seven waterfalls within an hour drive of Buengkan city alone during rainy season, and always three or four mountains and wildlife reserves to explore! The culture, food and language have close links to Lao. Towns are small and offer a view of Thailand prior to the Full Moon party era. You will often be the only foreigner (or one of a couple) in the area!

Volunteers should be able to

  1. Have sense of humor when working with students and staff
  2. Have respect for diversity, work and living styles
  3. Be reliable, aware, and honest,
  4. Have supportive professional relationships with others,
  5. Be a good role model for Thai children and adults,
  6. Be able to deal with challenging situations calmly & openly,
  7. Have excellent communication skills,
  8. Be show flexibility when working with others,
  9. Follow and be respectable to Thai culture and ways,
  10. Be able to volunteer independently and part of a team.
  11. Be tolerant and accept change and cultural differences,
  12. Be able to communicate and deal with one’s cultural challenges,
  13. Be young at heart
  14. Demonstrate average Reading, Writing, & Speaking English Skills

General Statement of Placements

All Mundo Lokgatat Placements at Thai schools include:

  1. An Orientation that includes Thai survival language, Thai culture and day of exploration in the area
  2. An Introduction to the school, staff and students with an English speaking Mundo Lokgatat Project Manager
  3. Arranged transportation to and from your school placement
  4. A free non-vegetarian lunch
  5. Thai teachers who volunteers assist
  6. English speaking mentors and others who assist with potential cultural challenges
  7. After placement debriefings
  8. Volunteer Home Stays
  9. A minimum length of Stay is two weeks, although one month to 3 months is preferred.

What you will do? Help Thai children learn English through various learning games, art, sports and/or environmental projects.

After school there are scheduled sports and other activities that volunteers can participate in while getting to know more about Thai culture and ways. Volunteers often spend time giving eager English Language Learners a more individualized opportunity to practice their emerging skills. Biking in the countryside is another favorite activity.

Mundo offers volunteers an authentic opportunity to interact with the local Thai community and children while providing financial assistance and support to those who are in true educational and financial need.

Your funding may be tax deductible.

Mundo Exchange is a small registered NGO #87-0781320 from Oregon. We partner with a local Thai association, Laekplian Lokgatat. Mundo Exchange transforms the lives of women, children and communities by tackling poverty and providing opportunities for equality. We envision a world free of poverty, with equal opportunities of empowerment for everyone despite pre-existing or forced circumstances, and we do this by partnering with local groups and assisting in community development projects.

Mundo's funding and volunteer efforts help provide financial assistance, educational materials and direct support for cross-cultural understanding and community development in small poor communities. 100% of your volunteer donation goes to locals in the province where you are volunteering.

If you are ready for an adventure and a grand cross cultural exchange, come join us!

Fee Required


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

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