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Calvary Women’s Services offers housing, health, employment and education programs that empower homeless women in Washington, DC to change their lives. Founded in 1983, our programs carry out our mission to offer "a safe, caring place for tonight; support, hope and change for tomorrow." To ensure everyone’s first impression of Calvary is a warm and welcoming one, we are intentional about the interactions our residents, staff and visitors have at front desk. Front Desk Volunteers help make this possible by covering weekly shifts at the desk to represent Calvary to the community.


Front Desk Volunteers cover shifts from 9 am - 1 pm, once a week. During this time, they are responsible for answering the phone, welcoming Calvary visitors, and managing residents’ movement in and out of the building. Volunteers may be asked to help with administrative tasks that can be done in tandem with managing the front desk responsibilities. Volunteers are required to make a strong commitment to cover one morning a week (M-F) bi-weekly for three months (with the option to extend based on the volunteer’s availability).



• Answer the telephone to provide information regarding Calvary’s services, intake procedure, donations accepted, etc.

• Transfer staff specific calls to individual lines or taking detailed messages.

• Welcome visitors and notify staff of a visitor’s arrival. Visitors can range from potential volunteers to donors to prospective residents.

• Manage residents’ movement in and out of the building.

• Complete administrative tasks such as helping with mailings, sorting mail, entering data, etc.

• Please note that some shifts may be quieter than others, and you are more than welcome to bring a book, homework, or something quiet to do if there is no administrative task lined up.

How To Apply

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