Marketing + Media Volunteers: Help Downs2Earth Spread Smiles + Sustainability to Heal the World




133 Coolidge Street
Green Bay
United States


Our Mission: To spread smiles and sustainability to heal the world. What does that mean? Downs2Earth provides free and low-cost services to families affected by Down syndrome. On top of that, for every dollar donated, we also plant a tree.

About Us: We’re an awesome group! We are passionate about education, the natural environment, sustainability, health, wellness, and happiness. We want to take care of our world, and the people in it but we can’t do it alone.

How YOU Can Help: We need volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Whether you’re looking to donate a couple of hours one time, are willing to pitch in here and there on an as-needed basis, or are available to help out regularly for long-term projects, we can use your help! By joining our team, you have a chance to grow your network, and use your talents and to do good for others and for our beautiful planet. Interns Welcome! Come be awesome with us!

We currently need volunteers in Marketing, Branding, Design, Content Development, Copywriting, Social Media, Consulting and related areas. If you’d like to volunteer, but can’t decide which position is the best fit, send us a message!

Thanks! :)




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How To Apply

Please email with your full name and a quick introduction. Please let us know if you're interested in short-term or long-term projects.