Orphanage Volunteer




Short-Term (few weeks/months)


35km Masaka-Mbarara Rd


Here is an opportunity to make a difference while having fun with kids. We are looking for help at the orphanage involving but not limited to:

  • Teaching kids at kindergarten and elementary/primary level, helping with homework and art projects
  • Housekeeping duties such as cleaning, laundry, bathing kids, etc as well as cooking
  • Writing sponsorship profiles and reports
  • Looking for sponsors for the kids
  • Coordinating fundraising events
  • Visiting kids in child-headed families

About Us:

Uganda Rural Fund (URF), a community founded in 2005, empowers orphans, underprivileged youth and adults in rural Uganda through the creation of educational, healthcare, and sustainable development opportunities.

Besides the orphanage, volunteers can work on any of our outreach programs including: a) Mirembe Children’s Home (Orphanage), b) Vocational secondary school, c) Kindergarten to Primary 4, d) Child-headed families e) After school programs, f) Child sponsorship, g) Health care outreach with a clinic and AIDS awareness, h) Village banking (micro-finance) i) Women empowerment, j) Water and sanitation, k) Solar power systems, l) Community empowerment seminars, m) Agricultural development, n) Trade skills and income ventures: arts and crafts, herbal soap and jelly production, Welding, fashion design and tailoring, piggery.


Our volunteers are placed with host families which gives them an opportunity to experience the culture of the local people.

The home where volunteers are placed provide a homely and safe environment. We have security on the site. The volunteers share in the life of the family and build relationships with family members, co-workers, and local people in the villages.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner shared with the host family.

Electricity is available – a combination or solar system and grid power. There is Internet access at the home and the school. However, there is no running water or flushing toilets but we have a water system.

Website: http://www.UgandaRuralFund.org

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ugandaruralfund/


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Go to our website http://www.UgandaRuralFund.org

Check the volunteer section.

Or Email jmlugemwa@ugandaruralfund.org

Or Call +1-763-291-1102