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Westchester Square Library
2521 Glebe Avenue
New York
United States


Young Women on the Rize Inc. is looking for Publicist who can generate not only the media presence but also rally up a community presence in the Bronx. Our organization is looking for a dedicated individual who is able to understand our mission and vision for today and moving forward into the future. If your available for the second and fourth Saturday of each month until June and some professional development meetings as well with our specialists and you would be able to make a commitment in knowing that your part of a great movement for a great cause for our young women members. The ages are from 8 to 25 and we have various workshops depending on age group. We not only offer enrichment workshops but we facilitate our training within our organization by utilizing cooperative learning resources.

Responsibilities will include:

* Communicating with our Senior Administrative Coordinator

* Developing a relationship with Specialists and Members

* Attending our Great Exploration Initiatives when and if available all expenses paid for and transportation

* Providing outlets for our organization and making contact with donors

* Writing Press Releases and assembling Press kits

* Helping YWR to plan and coordinate different special events and occasions regarding our specialist, community and members

* Create attendance lists, send out invitations and follow up to ensure participation and distribute product samples, souvenirs and other materials.

* It's also important to follow up after an event to answer questions or promote coverage.

* Write internal company newsletters and help the finance executives put together annual reports and assist the executive if they have to give a speech to investors or a trade group in writing the presentation.

* Software experience excel, word and the ability to impress our clients and to work closely with our YWR family.

* Four year degree in communications, media,public relations, journalism, advertising, English and Business




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How To Apply

We would like for our publicists to not only work as a liaison for communications, marketing for us but to really be part of the YWR family. We believe in teaching one and reaching another. We also assist with all of our Rize specialists in helping them further their goals as well as they share their professional experiences with our young women members and specialists.

We understand that every volunteer time is valuable and we have various incentives and rewards program as part of the YWR appreciation for your invaluable time and service to these most needed communities in the Bronx and throughout NYC impoverished communities.

" We have the Power to Rize"