Blue Lagoon and Coral Reef Monitoring Volunteer Programme, Mauritius



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Blue Bay Marine Park
Blue Bay



Become a marine conservation volunteer on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and take part in a coral reef monitoring volunteer programme. Volunteers will have the opportunity to carry out lagoon monitoring (coral reef and fish), beach cleaning, mangrove planting and monitoring and also working in local community projects on various environmental volunteer projects.

You can volunteer in Mauritius for between 1 week and 12 weeks in duration, and we have places available all year round.

Individuals, groups and students are all welcome.

Marine conservation volunteers will work alongside a Mauritian Non Governmental Organisation whose objectives are to preserve the natural resources from the threat of pollution and destruction due to inconsiderate development and lack of awareness on the island of Mauritius. The Blue Lagoon and Coral Reef Monitoring programme focuses on the protection, preservation and restoration of the marine and coastal environment for the region of Blue Bay and Pointe d’Esny, Mauritius.

Volunteers are involved in the monitoring of the reef in the Blue Bay Marine Park and in the Pointe d'Esney Lagoon. The range of projects include:

Lagoon Monitoring (coral and fish monitoring and recording all human activities which take place within the lagoon);

  • Beach and Mangrove Cleaning and Monitoring;
  • Providing a number of actions to build local community support (questionnaire survey, events, in-school lessons for children).

Lagoon Monitoring - involves fish, coral and anthropogenic activity surveys being conducted. We aim to be out on the water most days collecting the valuable data required to try and understand what is happening in the lagoon. This will allow us to inform the local community on the state of their most precious resource, upon which many of them heavily depend.

Mangrove Cleaning - Mangroves protect land against flooding and help to prevent shoreline erosion. Since coral reefs thrive in nutrient-poor waters and mangroves thrive in nutrient-rich waters, mangroves also improve the water quality by purifying the water from wastes and pollutants. Waste is being dumped in the mangroves forest which prevents them from breathing through their roots. So volunteers are involved in both mangrove cleaning and mangrove planting.

The main area of study will take place within both the Blue Bay Marine Park and the Pointe d’Esny Lagoon. Both areas offer an exciting array of marine species, with as many as 38 species of coral and 72 species of fish been identified within the marine park. However, decades of neglect from illegal fishing, destructive fishing methods, high amounts of tourism and pollutant run off has put increased pressure on the coral reefs around Mauritius. We need your help in aiding the recovery and sustainability of these beautiful reefs.

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How To Apply

If you are interested in joining this project to volunteer in Mauritius as a marine conservation volunteer, you will need to fill out the online application form (you can also print it out and send it to us by post) – to secure a placement on the project, please complete and submit the form including two references and your deposit of £195. If for some reason, your application is declined, we would reimburse this deposit fully. However for those who are accepted, the full amount needs to be paid one month before the start date. Once your place is confirmed, you will receive a pre-departure package with all detailed information on your project, the region, suggested items to bring etc.