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Pueblo de los Niños
Casa Guatemala
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Work daily with the children to achieve their goals such as waking up, completing chores, going to meals, studying, and general play/down time.

What is an Orientador?

Orientador is the most essential position covered by volunteers at Casa Guatemala. Orientadors are responsible for performing all daily tasks with children when they are out of school (January to November) and summer school (November to January). This is a task that requires great deal of responsibility and care for children, as orientadors provide their main support network and are the adults they turn to for reference. 

Using the Orientador Guides as a reference, it is essential to follow the obligations and standards of the children´s village so it can function properly. It is important to avoid changing the way we work with the children when there is a change of orientador, since it is very important that they have a marked routine, continuity in rules and regulations and stability in the way that volunteers work with them. 

About the Program

Due to the constant changing of volunteers at the children´s village, it takes time to earn the trust and respect of the children. Volunteers must have patience whilst the children to get used to the different people who come to take care of them, as there is a mixture of different cultures and different ways of thinking and acting. To aid this, volunteers must respect the established rules and routines and work in harmony with the educational principles of Casa Guatemala. 

The children are divided into four groups at Casa Guatemala. All orientadors are placed in one of these groups and have responsibility for their group. The groups are: 

  • Niñas grandes/niñas grandes 
  • Niñas pequeñas/niñas pequeñas 
  • Varones grandes/varones grandes 
  • Varones pequeñas/varones pequeños 

Whenever there are enough volunteers, it is ideal to have three or more orientadors for each group, therefore when one volunteer is on their descanso (8 day break) at least two people are left in charge of the group. For this reason, two people of the same group can not go on descanso at the same time. 

The orientadores in each group take it in turns to cover nights with the kids. When sleeping over in their house volunteers must remain in homes and be there for them in the night if and when they need it, for example if they have to go to the bathroom, if they are unwell or if they are scared. 

Objetives of the Program

General Purpose 

Providing a safe and caring environment for the children, whilst educating them on important themes such as friendship, love, respect for others, morality, values, education and affection. 

Specific objectives: 

  • Encourage children to care for and respect their belongings as well as their home, Casa Guatemala.  
  • Create trust and affective links with the children, but without giving excessive paternalistic treatment: children must be independent and responsible in performing their tasks as volunteers come and go but the kids stay here. 
  • Talking to children about their problems, and guiding them in their concerns and curiosities. 
  • Helping children in performing tasks such as homework and cleaning their houses. 
  • Promoting hygiene and health in children, and always setting an example to them in this. 
  • Encourage relationships of love, understanding and companionship. 
  • Teach values such as respect, solidarity, cooperation, justice and equality. 
  • Educating through play and work, on issues of sexuality, independence, youth development and responsibility. 

Orientadors are required to be present with their group of children at all times during working hours. We also ask orientadors not to use their mobile phones or other devices excessively during the working hours. This is the time to be with the children, orientadors should attend to personal items during their free time. 

Volunteers must stay a minimum of 3 months and be a minimum of 22 years old.

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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Please fill out the application form here: or e-mail our volunteer coordinator for more information.

Please note that due to lack of internet access onsite, the volunteer coordinator may take 2-3 days to get back to you once they come into town. Thank you for your patience!

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