Teaching and Orphanage Care

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194 Baines Avenue
Harare Province



Despite having a solid education system, Zimbabwe’s public schools are extremely under-funded and the rural schools do not attract top quality staff, which stretches the available teachers - leading to lower education quality.

Qualified teachers are invited to bring their own background to fill the gap left by 20 000+ teachers who left the

country in recent years for greener pastures. Volunteers, who are not qualified educationists, are invited to assist existing classroom teachers.

You will appreciate that the students and communities will teach you just as much as you teach them. Host schools expect you to be proactive in your approach to enhancing the teaching methods and how best to utilize your skills. The students will appreciate your friendship, support and mentorship as a big sister/brother. You will also be expected to lead in areas that interest you, be it debate, acting, and other after school activities. Perhaps the most rewarding work you could ever be involved with, empowering children! 

Fee Required


  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Applications are on-going, and you are welcome to apply throughout the year! Zimbabwe has 3 school terms, and we require commitment for all 3 months that children will be in school in order to maintain consistency. Longer stays are preferable in order to develop deeper relationships with the children and other staff.