Raising awareness for the preservation of Borobudur - the world's largest Buddhist temple

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Karanganyar Village Borobudur
Central Java


Borobudur Temple Compounds is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Nominated as a World Heritage, the Borobudur Compounds has the most complete Buddhist relief. There are approximately 2.9 million people who come every year to see Borobudur and learn about its history and philosophy. However, people living nearby the site see Borobudur only as a tourist attraction. Local people, who are supposed to be the first guard line for sustainability and preservation, mostly work as vendors at the Borobudur Temple Compound. We want to raise the awareness of local people to be more involved in preserving their own cultural site. We believe that Borobudur Temple Compound should be preserved not only by visitors who come to Borobudur, but also by people living nearby.

The project aims to raise the Borobudur heritage issue among the local community and to improve local participation in preserving Borobudur as their own culture.

The volunteers will create fun atmosphere for children in the village for studying about Borobudur Temple Compound and its history by storytelling, games, drawing, etc. The team will prepare creative media and will run a campaign for promoting the local heritage and raising awareness among local people.

Dates: August 8 - August 21, 2018 

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