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Providence St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center
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Become a part of our mission to empower youth to be health leaders through education, mentorship and community outreach.

Our Treasurer is transitioning to MIKE's Advisory Board. We are seeking an accountant who can become a volunteer leader within MIKE Program by joining the Board of Directors (( as our new Treasurer. The BOD term is a minimum of 2 years, though many people enjoy serving longer. The responsibilities on a month-to-month basis are typically handled through working with an excellent administrative and executive staff and monthly meetings of the Finance Committee. MIKE contracts with a 3rd-party bookkeeper to prepare monthly financial statements, has well-developed Financial Policies and Procedures. and has an aligned check-list for the Treasurer’s use for monthly tracking.


The treasurer is responsible to the Board and to the organization funders for revenue received and expenses paid. The treasurer is also the interpreter of the organization’s financial data for the Board.

·        Maintains/monitors bank accounts

·        Insures timely and accurate preparation of monthly financial statements

·        Interprets the information found in the statements for the board

·        Assists in the preparation of the budget

·        Monitors the budget

·        Ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures

·        Determines policies are being followed

MIKE’s Treasurer is Chair of the Finance Committee. Summary of specific duties currently done:

1.      On a monthly basis, update the budget vs. actuals and look for variances from the prepared financial statements. If there are variances or unusual transactions, follow-up by reviewing the detailed general ledger information.

2.      On a monthly basis, prepare and send out the agenda and minutes for the Finance Committee.

3.      On a monthly basis, chair the Finance Committee and present the financial statements to both the Finance Committee and the Board.

4.      Starting around May and going through June, work with the executive director to build the annual budget for approval in the July Board meeting.

More broadly: MIKE Program is seeking individuals who are deeply committed to advancing health promotion and disease prevention for all. MIKE is a growing nonprofit public health initiative addressing the conditions leading to chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, risky lifestyle behaviors and socio-economic factors. MIKE mentors low-income, often racial/ethnic minority youth enrolled in low-resource schools, currently in North Portland, Beaverton and Hillsboro, Oregon. Youth participants are guided through MIKE’s health activities in the health, core or afterschool classes to create a health leadership project promoting healthy behaviors for their peers, families and communities.

Serving has its rewards.


Serving on MIKE’s Board of Directors offers you a way to learn and use your skills to make a positive impact within the organization and the community at large. With a two-year commitment as a member of MIKE’s Board of Directors, you will serve as a volunteer leader. Responsibilities as a member include governance, setting strategy and championing fundraising goals to advance the mission of MIKE. Meeting these responsibilities may involve committee work, guiding the organization through fund raising events and/or other campaigns or participating in other volunteer leadership activities.

You can make a difference.


We are looking for people with connections in their own communities and who are enthusiastic about representing health and education as a priority. Those of minority racial/ethnic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to consider serving on the Board, given our mission and our emphasis on health equity and educational parity. 



How To Apply

Please fill in volunteer interest form at which will include an upload of your resume.