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plot 644, nsereko gregory rd


Over view of role

§ The Chief Program Officer (CPO) oversees all service programs for ELOIM. The position provides strategic programmatic leadership and direction to all ELOIM employees under this department.

§ As the person accountable for service delivery, the CPO ensures ELOIM meets or exceeds all regulatory and contractual obligations. As a dynamic leader, the CPO engages Program officers, project officers and volunteers to find innovative approaches to serve our needy communities in an effective manner. This position reports to the Chief Operations Officer (COO).


Leadership and Management

 § Lead and manage the programmatic operation of the organization and ensure that the expectations of funders, partners, constituents, clients, and community stakeholders are met

§ Communicate a compelling vision based on an agreed-upon mission

§ Develop a team-based environment for staff, providing for development, collaboration and well informed decision-making; ensure that staff have a secure environment in which to thrive

§ Provide expertise and advice to staff in order to facilitate collaboration and partnerships with government officials and their associates as well as with community based organizations

§ Strengthen and maintain the management and governance culture and practices of the organization

Program Development

§ Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Turning Point’s programs

§ Bring a creative problem-solving approach to program management while ensuring that the necessary planning is undertaken to ensure smooth programmatic operations

§ Establish program goals and develop a system for tracking results against these goals

§ Ensure that programs and services contribute to and reflect the organization’s mission and priorities, and comply with the requirements of funding agencies

Strategic Planning

§ In partnership with Country Director & COO, develop a strategic planning process in support of the organization’s mission, develop and oversee implementation of short and long-term goals, and monitor progress against these goals

§ Monitor emerging community needs, industry trends and changes in legislation, recommending appropriate changes in strategy to ensure that Turning Point’s strategic advantage and ability to serve the community are maintained

Fundraising and Development

§ Develop and formulate public and private sector fundraising plans to ensure funding for existing programs

§ Develop and maintain relationships with funders

§ Oversee the fulfillment of contract requirements and contract reporting

Financial Management

§ Work closely with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure the financial viability and sustainability of the organization

§ Develop annual program budgets

§ Ensure that programs are financially viable and that the Board-approved budget is implemented


§ Ensure the continued leadership of Turning Point in advocacy efforts with local, state and federal government

§ Actively and prominently advocate on behalf of the community in appropriate forums where key policy issues are planned, debated and discussed

Public Relations

§ Oversee the development of a consistent presentation of the organization and its mission and services

§ Board of Directors

Develop a positive and effective working relationship with members of the Board of Directors and Board Committees

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  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Kindly go to our website ( under the categories page, you will find Volunteer with us link, click on it and it will provide you with optional pages which have a downloadable application form on each one or contact the Executive director directly at or