Raising environmental awareness and preserving the Gedong Songo temple

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Central Java


Gedong Songo is one of the national heritage sites in Central Java. There are 5 temples in the area which attract a lot of people during the holidays, especially regional tourists. The site is also known for the display of the intangible cultural heritage through traditional dances, music and festivals. However, some aspects still need to be improved, such as the environmental awareness, socio-economic background, sanitation and hygiene of the local people. Most of the locals are earning a living from their vegetable gardens. The increasing number of visitors each year not only results in littering, but also vandalism on the temple, which has become a serious problem.

Volunteers will help out with education and sharing knowledge on recycling through school visits, managing waste dumping, cleaning the temple, environmental education for children, and campaigns about environmental issues.

The project aims to increase the awareness of local people about garbage problems (especially non organic garbage), to support tangible and intangible heritage preservation programs, cultural exchange with local people and educating students and local people to take care of their environment.

The volunteer team will mainly work for changing attitudes and behaviour of local people towards their environment such as recycling garbage, personal hygiene practices related to the environment, organizing English lessons and school visits, and playing games with the children. There will be also possibilities for physical work such as cleaning the temple, planting trees, gardening, or making sign boards and garbage bins.

Dates: September 5 - September 18, 2018

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