Legal Advisor: to obtain 501(c)3 status



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We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about youth development and are willing make an impact by connecting high school communities from different socioeconomic backgrounds and facilitating a space in which students can develop their leadership skills, discover their purpose and build a strong community.

Role of the Legal Advisor

We recently registered as a non profit corporation in Washington, D.C. We are looking for a person who can provide legal advice with regards to obtaining the 501©3 status. This includes:

  • Providing guidance to the board with regards to the required documentation and what steps must be followed to obtain the status.
  • Answer questions that may arise while filling documentation or following the steps to obtain the 501(c )3 status.
  • Identify and support INDIGO with parts of the process where action from a lawyer may be required in the context of the application to the 501(c ) 3 status.
  • Provide legal advice with regards to other matters related to the application of the 501(c ) 3 status.

About Indigo Youth Leadership Community

Indigo is a volunteer driven organization. It connects communities and empowers youth to achieve their personal and professional goals. It builds “tribes” where high school students develop their leadership skills and learn to trust others. These tribes receive mentoring and are given the space to engage with other tribes. We call this process the Indigo Methodology ®.

The Indigo Methodology ® draws from social capital theory and the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council’s 2012 Report on New Models of Leadership. It is designed to strengthen the bonds between students and their peers, as well as youth from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Furthermore, it develops social, emotional and intellectual leadership capacities in youth.

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